Grow your business on a solid legal foundation

Choosing how you structure your new business can affect liability, control, ownership, taxes, and many other business aspects. It’s an important decision that requires expert legal planning and representation.  If you own a business it is imperative that you have a legal plan in place to both excel in what you do and most importantly to protect your life plan.

I am inspired and proud to represent, counsel, and advocate on behalf of small business entrepreneurs, creative artists, and practitioners in the healing modalities. It is an honor for me to represent, value, support and protect these creative independent entrepreneurs, artists and healers and the work they contribute so that they can focus on shining their bright light amongst us.

New Business

When working with entrepreneurs, my representation includes all aspects of setting up the company in a comprehensive package.  This includes securing the name of the company, filing with the appropriate government entities, and drafting the appropriate documents to organize the company and keep it in compliance with established liability protection practices. I assist my clients with drafting employment agreements, buy-sell and cross-purchase agreements, independent contractor agreements, and other documents necessary for the smooth operation and flow of their businesses.  

Comprehensive, fixed-fee start up packages so that my clients legal foundation is in place as they create their company.

Working with entrepreneurs is always a joy and inspiration.

Affordable and predictable legal representation should be accessible at the start of a business venture, so that the entrepreneurs can get on with creating and running their businesses without worrying about the “legal stuff.” 

This Program includes: LLC formation documents, operating agreement, and all of the other documents necessary to insure that your company starts out on track.


Already running a business? I am also happy to meet with you if you want to make sure that your personal assets are protected from any business liability that you might incur or if you have other legal needs, such as contract drafting or review, buying or selling a business, or employee relations. I can help protect your work by representing you in copyright and trademark registration.

Don't go it alone. There are plenty of reasons you might need a lawyer as you begin to make your dream of starting a business a reality.  If you own a business its smart business planning to have your legal ducks in a row.

I offer a free initial consultation and am happy to discuss your business and how I might be able to support you.