Estate Planning is a must-have for anyone who wants to have a comprehensive life plan in place.

Why estate planning is necessary

Everyone should do their estate planning.  Estate planning includes important documents that take care of you and your loved ones while living (general power of attorney, medical power of attorney, living will) as well as direct the disposition of your belongings upon death.  There are many and myriad ways to plan an estate, whether with wills, trusts, or other choices depending on the individual circumstances.  Speaking with an attorney can help ensure that your estate plan reflects your life plan. 

I offer my clients a fixed-fee price for my estate planning so that they feel comfortable about getting their documents right.

This program includes:

All foundational planning documents, including:

  • A Last Will
  • General Durable Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Living Will. 

Because I believe estate planning should be comprehensive, I have created the Getting It Done™  bundled estate planning services for my clients – one fixed fee for the entire estate planning package so my clients do not need to worry about my hourly rate or the amount of time I spend getting the documents to truly reflect  their wishes.

What estate planning can accomplish

•  If you have children that are minors your estate plan allows you to name guardians and conservators for them.  Don't leave this most critical choice up to others - you know your children and their needs best - so make sure their is a plan in place.

•  It can include a revocable living trust if necessary, to avoid probate, manage multiple assets in multiple jurisdictions, as a part of disability planning, or simply for privacy.

•   Single, married or divorced, pre- and post-nuptial agreements can be an important part of estate planning and are often used both to help spouses plan in advance by communicating clearly about those not so easy to discuss topics like money and assets.

•  If you have a taxable estate, a carefully-crafted estate plan mitigates estate taxes, to the degree possible, through asset protection, planning and gifting strategies.

•  If you are married with children from previous relationships, a well thought out estate plan can create trusts or use other strategies to ensure that all loved ones are provided for fairly.

•  If you are single, its very important to name your fiduciaries and beneficiaries – especially if you have close relationships that you wish to recognize beyond your closest living kin.

•   By creating a simple pet trust, your pet can also be provided for in estate planning documents.

•  Powers of attorney that name an agent who can legally direct both your financial affairs and medical directives, should you become disabled and are unable to do so yourself (your named fiduciaries or agents) are a critical part of any comprehensive estate plan.